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Stamp Paper for Rental Agreement

Choose form 20 rs to 200 rs for rental agreement depending upon your rent

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With delivery: 350 Rs

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Note: Once stamp is brought cannot be cancelled as it consist name of the buyer which will not be transferable or can reuse for other clients.

Rental Agreement in India

The Essence of a Rental Agreement?

  1. Personal Details of the parties

It is important to note that the personal identification details of the tenant and the landlord (without any errors or spelling mistakes) need to be included in a rental agreement. There a lot of implications to having and executing a rental agreement properly and not properly. The address, which is the correct postal address needs to be precisely stated on the rental agreement. Other personal information such as age and gender are mentioned as well.

  1. Financial Aspect

The three financial aspects of a rental agreement is rent, deposit and maintenance. These three need to be stated in an obvious and clear manner. The deposit is the lump sum amount paid in advance by the tenant to the owner. It should also be stated in writing that said deposit amount will be returned to the tenant (after deductions applicable, if any) after he vacates the premises. In some cases, the owner may tell a tenant that he won’t return the deposit money because there is no written document saying that deposit should be given back, and hence he has no legal obligation to do so. This can be very frustrating if you do find yourself in a similar situation.

Then next aspect that needs to be stated in fine print is the rent payable. You need to make sure that the agreement includes that the owner cannot abruptly change the monthly rent during the duration of the lease, but instead a percentage yearly increase which should be clearly mentioned in the contract. The date on which or before rent is collected should also be mentioned in the rental agreement along with rent being collected at the beginning of each month or the end of each month.

Some buildings, apartments, housing complexes, etc. usually require maintenance to be paid which may include security charges, water charges, parking, etc. These charges also need to be mentioned in the contract and if required, you should also mention that theses charges cannot be abruptly increased as well.

  1. Right to entry

The owner can enter into your house under certain conditions as stipulated in the rental agreement under the clause Right to Entry, in which an owner cannot or can barge into the tenant’s space. Certain clauses that are included, but are dangerous to a tenant’s privacy are: the owner can visit the premises as and when he sees fit, or something along these lines. If the landlord enters into your home in the middle of the night, a tenant might not be able to do anything, and hence the right to entry should be clearly mentioned in the rental agreement for clarity sake.

  1. Pets, flora, fauna and all things living

Owners have their own preferences and likings towards pets and might permit tenants to keep the same, but some owners have clear restrictions on pets, fauna and so on. The rental agreement should clearly mention whether pets are allowed inside the premise or house or not. If pets are allowed, what kind of pets are allowed (example: reptiles, big or small dogs, etc.) and the maximum number of pets allowed if applicable. We can safely say from our experience that most landlords permit tenants with pets that can be contained to a particular area (such as fishes, birds or turtles, etc) and some landlords are even allow bigger and messier pets (such as canines, felines and maybe reptiles.

  1. Illegal and disruptive behaviour

This clause is designed and used in a rental agreement to protect the owner or landlord in most cases. Should either party indulge in scary and downright illegal and or any behaviour against the law of the land, then the rental contract should mention what actions will be taken against such behaviour and the liabilities that arise out of such consequences. A clean way to avoid illegal and/or disruptive behaviour would be to clearly mention what kind of behaviour should be avoided and what the repercussions for failing to follow the same would result in.

These are the top five most essential things that need to be included in a rental agreement and it would be best if you add another clause stating that any addition or deletion of clauses can occur only with the consent of all the parties involved in the contract..

What is a Leave and Licence Agreement?

A leave and license agreement is specifically for owners that are worried about their tenants bringing about a disruption to the peace, calm and serenity of the neighbourhood or society. The Leave and License agreement is a legal document that declares that the lawful possession of the house or premises, remains with the landlord or owner. A leave and license agreement is an essential document that makes it crystal clear that the premises is being given to a tenant on a temporary basis as per the agreed deed, and that during the term of the lease, the owner shall continue to have possession of the property.

While both rental agreements and leave and license agreement allows a tenant to occupy a premise, the latter favours and protects the owner and clearly states that there is no transfer of interest of property. The rules of eviction are clear and the process of eviction is easier if there is a leave and licence (by a bank or landlord) agreement in place.

What you need to Know about Rental Agreements?

Well, apart from what we have already discussed, there are still a couple of kinks that both the parties (landlord and the tenant) need to know about the agreement they contracted with each other.  For example:

  1. Rental agreements or deeds in India are subject to change based on national legislation. This means that any of the parties involved cannot act in any way that restricts basic rights. The owner should avoid including clauses which state: a delay in payment for rent will result in water or other utilities such as electricity being cut or something along these lines. If the owner insists on including any similar clauses, we recommend that now would be a good time to run, before you enter into an agreement and regret the same later.
  1. A tenant cannot be evicted for no apparent reason. The Supreme Court has passed a law stating that an owner cannot evict a tenant for 5 years if the said tenant has been regular in their obligation of paying rent or other bills. Basically, for eviction to happen, it must always have a valid and strong reason behind it. Either the tenant has been irregular in payment of rent, or there was a breach in contract, or there was some illegal or illicit behaviour on the tenant’s side, or the owner has a very valid reason for eviction.

How To Make A Rental Agreement Enforceable and Legally Valid?

A rental agreement or deed, like most other legal documents, must be printed on stamp paper of the requisite value. Once the document has been printed on stamp paper, the signatures of the parties to contract must be affixed in place on the stamped deed and the signatures of two witnesses/notary need to be affixed as well. The process of preparing a rental agreement is thus completed with this step and your deed is legally valid in any court or otherwise in India.

It is recommended that stamp duty must be paid and the agreement must be registered at a Government Registrar office. In reality, agreements that are registered for a period of eleven months or lesser are rarely registered because it is not compulsory. However, if a dispute does arise eventually and if you do approach a court for the same,  before the case can be heard you will be asked to pay a penalty of 10 times the applicable stamp duty not paid.

We urge all our customers and clients to take a look at’s pre-drafted and lawyer verified rental agreements that makes allocations for all conceivable happenings and contingencies. We at provide our customers with added facilities such as printing the deed you need on stamp paper and delivering the same to your address of choice