The Affidavit In Proof Of Date Of Birth

The affidavit for Date of Birth or a Date of Birth affidavit is used when a deponent i.e. the person whose name the affidavit is drafted in, wishes to declare his or her date of birth in case he or she does not have a birth certificate.All information included in the affidavit must be true to the best of the deponent’s knowledge.

What is the purpose of an Affidavit in Proof of Date of Birth?

The Affidavit in Proof of Date of Birth is usually and most frequently used in a situation wherein an individual does not have any other document to prove his or her date of birth officially. This Affidavit serves as a document that testifies a person’s date of birth is vital when it comes to applying for various important documents and necessities like pan cards, passports, electoral IDs, Aadhar Card, voters ID and so on. This affidavit serves as proof of date of birth to educational institutions as well as employing companies.

What is the process to make the Affidavit in Proof of Date of Birth valid?

The procedure involved in making the affidavit in Proof of Date of Birth is discussed, step by step, below:

Step 1 – Drafting the Affidavit – The applicant must draft his/her affidavit. Annexure A can be printed off various websites including the Passport website. All necessary details of the applicant must be filled in, to the best of the knowledge of the applicant.

Step 2 – Signatures and attestations – The applicant must fill in the required signatures in the allotted slots. Also, all enclosed documents must be self-attested. Passport size photographs submitted may also have to be self-attested.

Step 3 – Next, the applicant must approach an official who has the power to witness an oath and get the document sealed. After the document is sealed, the affidavit in Proof of Date of Birth becomes valid and therefore, legally enforceable.