About Us DigitizeIdea

Digitize Idea brings you a chaos free concept to getting your documents done in the quickest, most efficient way possible. Like the rest of the world, Digitize Idea loves DIY projects! Which is why this Bangalore based company has developed this site to let you, with a few clicks, pick your task or document to acquire, and get it delivered home in a matter of few days!

The company’s team has lived through your troubles long enough. Long queues, exorbitant costs, weeks wasted in a simple stamp paper service or rental agreement. With an attempt to put the digital age’s people at ease, all legal service’s offered are as simple as picking your document, filling out required details, uploading documents and confirming the package.

From rental agreements, name change packages, stamp paper services to revised passports, Digitize Idea offers services throughout the country.

Constantly updated:

The law is always changing. Services offered and the process of documentation getting accepted and authorized changes more often than we think. With Digitize Idea, you wouldn’t have to worry about avoidable errors with information or unnecessary delays. We do your homework, so you don’t have to.

Absolutely online.

You never have to worry about leaving the house for your legal document requirements. Get on the website, pick your service, and it gets delivered right to your door step! And all in less than 3 business days.

Time saving.

All services offered require no more than 4 steps. Digitize Idea guides you through each step, quickly gliding you through the process from start right to finish!

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