Address proof affidavit is nothing but the self declaration stating that this is my residence address, address proof affidavit can be done on non-judicial stamp paper of 10 Rs or 20 Rs denomination. After the declaration is printed on e stamp paper it has to get sign by notary or should get validate in front of notary by taking oath

Address proof affidavit has to make where the present address is there and have to get it done on present address state non judicial stamp paper, estamp paper or franking

Example: You are from Gujarat and staying in Bangalore

If you are making the address proof for your present address which is in Bangalore then affidavit has to be done on Karnataka stamp paper not on Gujarat stamp paper

How to get address proof affidavit online

One can easily get address proof affidavit online through and get delivery to your door step easily. Just click on the above button and fill the form.

What details needed in address proof affidavit

Address proof affidavit need the following details from the applicant

  • Full name of applicant as per govt document
  • Present residential address for which he/she making this affidavit
  • Permanent residential address
  • Applicant date of birth as per govt records
  • Duration : From how many days staying in above address
  • Need a recent passport size photograph
  • Declaring the above statements are true and taking oath in-front of Notary

When address proof affidavit is useful

Address proof is very important now a day for all govt or legal document, we need address proof document to get govt cards like Aadhar card, pan card, voter id, gas connection, banking, loan and for most of the day to day use. Address proof affidavit is useful when there is no any proof for residential address

Where to get address proof affidavit near me

Applicant can address proof affidavit through our website, just fill all the required applicant details and get free delivery to your home or office